Kindle Gift Ideas

The Kindle gift cards are possibly one of the best gifts for someone who loves to read and owns a Kindle, primarily because one can use it to buy eBooks from the Amazon market, but that is not the only reason. Although an eBook is the most common item that is bought with a Kindle gift card, all other accessories can also be bought with the help of a Kindle gift card.

Kindle Covers – When it comes to covers for Kindles, you will have the option of choosing from literally thousands of designs, styles and even functionalities like automatic illumination while reading in a particularly dark place. Also remember that the covers are not only good for protecting your Kindle device against possible damage in the future, but they can also hide the scratches that might already be there as well as giving it a whole new stylish look.

Kindle Travel Adapters – Although it is particularly useful for someone who has lost his/her charger, there are several travel chargers which can actually be an upgrade, even if the person still has the original charger. Consider a USB charger for example; it has a micro USB connector which can be connected to the Kindle device, while the standard USB connector can be easily connected to any computer in order to both charge the Kindle device as well as to exchange data at the same time. It is advised that the Kindle device is checked for compatibility before buying any charging device.

Upgrade to a Brand New Kindle – If the version of the Kindle reading device seems too old, then upgrade your device to a Kindle Fire or a Kindle Touch to get more out of your favorite reader. Yes, you can actually use a Kindle gift card to buy a brand new device, as long as you have the appropriate balance in it. Once you see some of the latest Kindle models, you simply won’t be able to get back to your old and outdated model.

Kindle Stylus – Designed to work perfectly with the capacitive touch screen technology used by some of the Kindles, these styluses will let you operate your Kindle’s touch screen without ever touching it with dirty hands. We on the other hand, liked the fact that it did not make us take our gloves off while we were almost freezing during our trip to the woods.

Kindle Scratch-Guards – If the Kindle gift card is used to purchase a scratch-guard, it Is suggested that you spend a little bit more and find one that is easy to apply, does not produce air bubbles while reapplying, does not depreciate the quality of the screen and of course, one which does a good job of actually protecting the screen of the Kindle.

There are also other accessories for all Kindle devices, like lights, skins and even protection plans that lets you insure your Kindle against “PHYSICAL” damage of any sort; and the best part about all of them is that they can all be bought with a Kindle gift card.