Kindle Gift Cards

Kindle Gift Cards are perfect gifts for anyone who loves to read a good book. You might think that owning an Amazon Kindle is also a must for the person in order for him/her to make use of the Kindle Gift Card, but you would be thinking wrong. Even if someone does not actually own a Kindle, that person can still use the allocated amount in the Kindle Gift Card to buy anything from the Amazon website as long as it is within the specified monetary value of the gift card. As the Kindle Gift Card doubles also as an Amazon Gift Card, may be the person will use it to buy the physical version of the book that he/she wanted for so long if the eBook is not an option. It is this multipurpose nature of Kindle Gift Cards that make them such a versatile gift, fit for almost everybody. As if that was not enough, Amazon has also given its consumers four unique ways to send the Kindle Gift Cards to the person of their choice and that too, after you customize it to your heart’s content.

Kindle Email Gift Card

You’ve Got Email – Design it by choosing from the hundreds of patterns, add a personal message and then time it in such a way that the Kindle Gift Card arrives in the inbox of your special person on the exact date and time that you want it to. Not only is this faster than mail, it also ensures that the person WILL get it, even if he is out on a trip.

Kindle Mail Gift Card

Send the Actual Thing – We may deny it, but denial does not change the fact that a gift becomes just a bit more special if the person receiving it can actually hold it in his/her hands. Mail it via Amazon a day before the special day and Amazon will make sure that it reaches the address in time.

Kindle Facebook Gift Card

Flaunt It on Facebook – Since you will have the same huge number of personalization options as you would if you sent the Kindle Gift Card via email, why don’t you post it on the wall of the person’s Facebook? You can also time it just like emails to be posted on his/her wall at the right time, but in this way, all your friends can “like” it.

Kindle Gift Certificate

Use your Own Card – If you have already made a card on your own or have chosen one after spending hours at a card shop or two, just use it! Print out a Kindle Gift Certificate from your own printer and you are done. You don’t have to wait for the Kindle Gift Card to arrive via mail anymore, just slip the little Kindle Gift Certificate inside your beautiful card and mail it. The combination of a card personalized with care and love coupled with the freedom to choose from a huge number of eBooks can indeed be one of the best gifts ever.