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Amazon Kindle: The Ultimate Reader

The Kindle was never meant to be a powerful tablet computer with the ability to do everything. On the contrary, it was designed specifically for one purpose only and that was reading. The Amazon Kindle has been revolutionized and reinvented to add new features quite a few times since 2007, but all the devices are still being made primarily as a reading device and that is the reason as to why it currently has more than 40% of the total market share in this category.

Kindle Gift Card: A Reader’s Delight

Kindle Gift Box

The Kindle Gift Cards are ideal gifts for anyone who loves to read and owns an Amazon Kindle, be it your family, your friends or may be even yourself. The best thing about the Kindle Gift Card is that it allows one to buy e-books from the vast selection at Amazon, and that too at a lesser price than paperbacks. It’s not only cheaper, but it also is way faster than waiting for a paperback to arrive by mail. Avid readers will find the instant download to be a real boon as waiting for the latest book in a particular series is a painful time for fans. The good news is that even if someone is not that into books, that person will still find use for the gift card as it can also be used as an Amazon gift card which allows one to buy anything from Amazon within the monetary limits of the gift card. Read about Kindle gift ideas to get some insights.

How/Where to Buy Kindle Gift Cards

Although Amazon generally has a user friendly interface, the gift cards for Kindle can unfortunately be a little harder to find on the website than most of its other features. If you have faced the same problem while trying to find the proper link to buy it, then just click here.

The Four Types of Kindle Gift Cards

The Kindle Gift Card might be simple when it needs to be, but that does not mean that you cannot give it a more personalized touch before you actually send it to the person of your choice. Customization options are plenty, whichever type of gift card you choose and there are four types to choose from. All the four types are primarily based on the method of delivery and they are as follows:

Kindle Gift Card via Email

Kindle Email Gift Card

Sending a Kindle Gift Card via the email is the best option if you are a little confused about the person’s postal address or if you are not sure whether that person will be at home when it arrives by post. Nowadays, almost everybody checks their email ids every once in a while on their mobile phones or laptop even when they are travelling. As email delivery is usually instant, you will even have the option of selecting the exact time and date on which the customized and personalized Kindle Gift Card will reach the person’s inbox. The instant nature of email delivery is also beneficial if you want to send the gift card as soon as possible.

Kindle Gift Card via Facebook

Kindle Facebook Gift Card

The excellent thing about Facebook is that everybody has an active account on it these days. As most people check the updates on their profiles regularly, posting the Kindle Gift Card as a Wall Post could be the best option for many. Just as with the email option, you can also have the notification posted on Facebook on any day and at any time of your choice. The gift card with all your personal touches on it would indeed look good on the receiver’s Facebook Wall and all your friends can marvel at it at the same time.

Kindle Gift Card via Mail

Kindle Mail Gift Card

One has to admit that an actual physical gift is indeed not the same as a virtual one, and if you feel the same way, just send the Kindle Gift Card via mail. You would get the same huge number of customization options as you would get while sending the card via any other method, but only this time, the customizations would feel just a bit more real. If you are worried about the time it might take for the Kindle Gift Card to reach the special person or the extra money that you must pay in order to post it, you have nothing to worry about. Not only is the delivery FREE, Amazon also guarantees that the Gift Card will reach the specified address within a maximum period of 24 hours.

The Kindle Gift Certificate

Kindle Gift Certificate

The Kindle Gift Certificate is the ultimate option when it comes to sending a personalized Kindle Gift Card. Find or create the perfect greetings card for that special person and add all the personal touches that you want to, without being limited by the number of designs available for the gift cards. Print out a copy of your Kindle Gift certificate from your own printer and just slip it inside your special card while you gift it to the person to make it complete. This also eliminates the time that you may otherwise need while waiting for the physical card to arrive by mail from Amazon.